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 Senior show at Gallery 360!

SUBMIT 3 examples of your best work.
Class work, free-lance, co-op.
Any medium, any size, any year.
Guaranteed, at least one piece gets in the end-of-year exhibit.
Deadline: April 8, 2018

How to do it:

Create a folder on your desktop labeled
Create a text file with the complete information for all your submissions.
Label this file FirstName_LastName.txt.
In this file, include the following for each project:
Submission Number (1, 2, or 3)
Date of completion

Project files must be named FirstName_LastName_1 (or 2 or 3) The number should match the project description from your text file.
For 2D and 3D work, please submit a .pdf or .jpg for each project.
For 4D (time-based) work, please submit a .mov, storyboard, or screen captures.
For interactive work, please submit each project either as a url or in a folder with all les required to view the project.

FOR UNFINISHED WORK, submit a description and any supporting visuals.
NOTE: actual work MUST be done by April 24, 2016.

Place your FirstName_LastName folder in the Senior Show Submissions folder in the Classwork folder on the art server.
Please note: There is a 3-minute time limit on 4D work.
No file should exceed 5MB.

We guarantee that at least one piece from each student will end up in the show.