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Wind Ensemble

Anyone interested should email Prof. Allen Feinstein and plan to attend the first rehearsal, which is Thursday, January 14, 6-8:30. Note that this rehearsal is in Blackman Auditorium, while subsequent rehearsals will be in Fenway Center.

Contact Prof. Allen Feinstein: [email protected]

Symphony Orchestra (NUSO)

All students interested in joining the orchestra should come to the first rehearsal on Tuesday, January 12, at the Fenway Center at 6pm. Students who are participating in the NUSO for the first time, or former members/returning students who did not participate in the fall of 2015, are required to perform an informal audition of two short excerpts from contrasting pieces. Audition schedules will be set up at the first rehearsal. All returning members who participated in orchestra in the Fall of 2015 do not need to audition again. 

Contact Director Evan Bennett: [email protected]

Create Your Own Music (CYOM)

Create Your Own Music Ensemble is open to singers/musicians of all abilities. We perform a wide variety of music. There is no audition required. There is a live performance at the end of the semester. 

The Jazz Choir and Combo Ensemble is open to intermediate to advanced singers/musicians. We perform all styles of jazz and some blues and R&B. Auditions take place at the end of the first class meeting. There is a live performance at the end of the semester. 

Contact Prof. Tisha Stadnicki: [email protected]

Rock, Fusion, Blues/Rock Ensembles

Students interested in joining the Rock Ensemble, Fusion Ensemble, and Blues/Rock Ensemble must pass an audition held during the second class meeting of the semester. Audition material is discussed in detail during the first class meeting. Students that miss the first class meeting can still audition by contacting the ensemble director. Ensembles meet in 354 Ryder Hall:

  • Fusion Ensemble: Tuesdays 5-6pm
  • Rock Ensemble section 1: Tuesdays 6-8pm
  • Blues/Rock Ensemble: Thursdays 4:30-5:30pm
  • Rock Ensemble section 2: Fridays 3:30-5:30pm

Contact Prof. Junauro Landgrebe: [email protected]

NU Jazz Ensemble

We will do placement auditions for both sections of the Jazz Ensembles on:
Wednesday, January 13
Wednesday, January 20 (call-back)

Location: Ryder Hall room 354

All students get the opportunity to read with the NU Jazz Ensemble on the first day. After hearing each student perform with the ensemble, students will either be accepted or called back. If there are students of which I am unsure, they will receive a call back for the following week.

All accepted selected students would be placed in either section 1 or section 2 of the Jazz Ensemble (Music 1911)

The call back audition will consists of the following:

  1. Playing difficult passages from the repertoire of the NU Jazz Ensembles
  2. Playing and improvising a solo of a blues tune
  3. Playing and improvising a solo of a jazz standard

Contact Joel Larue Smith: [email protected]

Choral Society

Rehearsals will be for the first few weeks of the semester, or by appointment.
To audition successfully, a singer will display:

  • good vocal quality (you’ll sing some scales for us)
  • a good sense of pitch (you’ll sing back a few notes that we play on the piano)
  • the ability to sing your own part confidently (you’ll sing–in quartet–something you just learned in rehearsal)

Those who display exceptional talent and dedication may be considered each semester for membership in the Chamber Singers. 

The first rehearsal for the spring semester is Wednesday, January 13 6:00 PM in the Fenway Center.
Contact Prof. Joshua Jacobson: [email protected]