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Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

Storybench, a publication by Northeastern’s School of Journalism, has been shortlisted for a Data Journalism Award by the Global Editors Network (GEN), an international association of over 6,000 editors-in-chief and media executives with the mission of fostering digital innovation in newsrooms all over the world. This year, the competition attracted over 600 project submissions from around the globe, and Storybench was nominated for best data visualization website of the year.

The website was founded in the fall of 2014 to help demystify the digital storytelling process. Since then, the website has built a captive audience of 50,000 users per month, most of whom are repeat visitors. The website features long-form explorations of trends and case studies in digital storytelling as well as interviews with top data journalists, engagement editors, designers and developers around the world to shed light on their thinking and open-source their process and code. It has a powerful student and faculty team behind it, including its Editor, Aleszu Bajak, Program Manager in the School of Journalism.

Congratulations to the Storybench team, as well as all of the other impressive projects that have been shortlisted for the Data Journalism Awards by the Global Editors Network!