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Sara Hartleben.

Why did you choose to attend Northeastern? 

The first time I visited Northeastern was back when my older sister was touring colleges for herself, and I was still a sophomore in high school. I was drawn to the idea that I could study such interdisciplinary subjects here, and I knew since high school that I was equally interested in studying both comp sci and art in college.

What were some of your responsibilities at Samuel Adams Brewery? 

While working fully remote for the Creative Services team at Boston Beer, I was responsible for creating a bunch of mainly printed designs: such as banners to be hung up in restaurants and posters for liquor stores. Since this co-op was still early on in the pandemic, I worked on a lot of COVID related projects for the reopening of restaurants and bars—like “mask required” and “keep 6 feet apart” reminders, stuff like that. My design team also collaborated on some internal designs for the company, like a few different branding logos for new initiatives within the company.

What was the most rewarding experience about working at Samuel Adams Brewery? 

I absolutely loved my team I worked with, and I still got a sense of the fun office culture while working with them. My supervisors were super supportive during the entire process, and even encouraged me to develop my own art for specific projects. Specifically, the most rewarding project I got to work on was an entire series of original illustrations for the Twisted Tea brand which is now framed and hanging up in the office! 🙂 This project was super open ended since they wanted new artwork to hang up in the newly renovated office space, so I was able to have so much fun with a funky psychedelic take on the Twisted Tea drink flavors.

What advice would you give to students new to Northeastern or CAMD? 

Definitely explore classes that you are interested in, even if you’re hesitant to. I was undeclared and taking mainly computer science classes when I first discovered graphic design classes, and I wasn’t even completely aware of what graphic design was at the time. During my freshman summer classes, I took the time to try out one class and fully fell in love with the subject.

What have been a few highlights of your time at Northeastern? Any involvement in student organizations, etc.? 

Creating designs for the Live Music Association since my freshman year has been such an amazing part of my time here at Northeastern. I started going to the club because I never really got to see live music before college and I wanted to be a part of the process of booking live music for Northeastern’s Afterhours space. The guy who was running the design team at the time needed help, but I was still undeclared and had absolutely no idea how to even use Photoshop, let alone how to create posters. He helped me learn the basics of Photoshop and how to make event graphics for our live shows—which was how I got into design in the first place. Since then, I’ve had so much fun helping bring artists that I love myself to play on campus (artists like Phoebe Bridgers, Hippo Campus, The Districts, Duckwrth, Ashe, and Slaughter Beach, Dog) and getting to make the event graphics for each. Before the pandemic and when live music off of Zoom was still a thing, the most rewarding part of this was getting to meet these artists and have them sign these posters.

Any other clubs you’d like to tell us about? 

Another club I’ve loved being a part of here at Northeastern has been Scout! I’ve been a designer for the Studio team for two semesters now, working on rebranding clients and creating entire websites on semester-long projects. Scout is so fun because it’s such a lovely group of people within the CAMD community. Right now, I’m working remotely with my team of designers and developers rebranding ViTAL (another club at Northeastern) and creating a new website for their organization.