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A + D Seniors!
Senior show at Gallery 360!

SUBMIT 3 examples of your best work.
Class work, free-lance, co-op.
Any medium, any size, any year.
Guaranteed, at least one piece gets in the end-of-year exhibit.
Deadline: April 15, 2016

How to do it:

Create a folder on your desktop labeled FirstName_LastName.
Create a text file with the complete information for all your submissions.
Label this file FirstName_LastName.txt.
In this file, include the following for each project:
Submission Number (1, 2, or 3)
Date of completion

Project files must be named FirstName_LastName_1 (or 2 or 3)
The number should match the project description from your text file.
For 2D and 3D work, please submit a .pdf or .jpg for each project.
For 4D (time-based) work, please submit a .mov, storyboard, or screen captures.

For interactive work, please submit each project either as a url or in a folder with all files required to view the project.
FOR UNFINISHED WORK, submit a description and any suppoerting visuals.
NOTE: actual work MUST be done by April 23, 2016.

Place your FirstName_LastName folder in the Senior Show Submissions folder in the Classwork folder on the art server.
Please note: There is a 3-minute time limit on 4D work. No file should exceed 5MB.

We guarantee that at least one piece from each student will end up in the show.

Thanks in advance.

Chris Franson
John Kane
Andrea Raynor
Doug Scott
Janos Stone