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Salt barge approaching the entry to the Kill Van Kull, New York Harbor | Photo by Landing Studio

In the most recent issue of Urban Omnibus, Assistant Professor Dan Adams and Studio Instructor Marie Law Adams chart the story of New York city’s salt. Known as a sure sign of winter to denizens of the Northeast, much of the salt used in New York travels from Chile’s Atacama Desert. From global mining to international transport to “the pile,” Adams and Law Adams cover the history of salt and the long journey it makes to keep us all from slipping and sliding during the cold, frigid months.

Read the full article here.

See their interview upon receiving the 2015 The Architectural League Prize

Dan Adams and Marie Law Adams are the founding partners of Landing Studio, a design, planning, and research practice that focuses on active industrial operations and infrastructures in cities. Since 2005 Landing Studio has been studying the arrival of the global salt industry in New York and Boston.