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Andrea Larez is part of the two-woman team that created the Northeastern chapter of Women in Music, which is focused on closing the gender gap in the industry. Larez, who will graduate with a BS in Music with a concentration in Music Industry, saw firsthand the challenges that came with being the only woman in the room during production.

In addition to her work with Women in Music, she also works as a DJ at 104.9 FM, Northeastern’s radio station. She curates playlists for “Chill Pills,” her radio show, as well as interviews musicians and manages social media. She was also a member of Warner Music U. You can learn more about her music writing, her podcast, and her work in music by visiting her site.




  • BS, Music Industry


Unshuffled Podcast


Unshuffled Podcast is a weekly show in which four music-obsessed college students pick an album and dissect it from top to bottom.

Andrea Larez and Julia Linden

These Northeastern students are working to close the gender gap in music