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Caitlyn Jarvis

Caitlyn Jarvis is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Department of Communication Studies. She is a health and organizational communication researcher, with a specialty in social and participatory media. Her research examines how health disparities and misinformation spread in online networks through a mix of big-data and ethnographic research. Her research is published in Journal of Applied Communication Research, Organization, Human-Machine Communication, and Management Communication Quarterly, among others. She has won top paper awards from the National Communication Association and the Easter States Communication Association.

In addition to her academic work, Caitlyn also works in market research, specializing in brand and consumer insights for midsize businesses and non-profits in the healthcare, education, and financial industries. Working with marketing and communication professionals, Caitlyn leverages her academic expertise to improve brand equity and value positioning for companies across the United States.

She teaches various classes on advertising and communication, as well as special topics courses on social media and health communication.


Communication Studies


  • Ph.D., Organizational Communication and Computational Social Science, Purdue University
  • M.A., Communication, Colorado State University
  • B.A., Politics, Saint Anselm College


  • 2021 Top Paper Award. Organizational Communication Division. National Communication Association (NCA). (Eddington, Jarvis, & Buzzanell, Identity through affective solidarity: Understanding the communicative construction of identity in online men’s rights space).
  • 2021 Top Paper Award. Applied Communication Division. National Communication Association (NCA). (Lee, Seibeneck, Benedict, Yabe, Jarvis, & Ukkursuri, Patterns of social support and trajectories of household recovery after Superstorm Sandy).
  • 2021 Top Paper Award. Health Communication Division. Eastern Communication Association (ECA). (Jarvis, Endurance: Embodied resilience as a material-discursive process in health crises).
  • 2021 Alan H. Monroe Graduate Scholar, awarded annually on basis of excellence in scholarly activity for a graduate student.
  • 2018 Top Paper Award. Organizational Communication Division. International Communication Association (ICA). (Lee, Benedict, Jarvis, Seibeneck, & Kuenanz, Networks of support in post-disaster recovery over time: A quantitative analysis of personal networks derived from interviews and timelines).