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Patrick Jones

I am originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, but I lived in the Northwest for almost twenty years. I moved to Tacoma, Washington in 2001 to do my undergraduate studies at the University of Puget Sound, where I studied philosophy and archaeology. I did my masters in International Studies at the University of Oregon and focused my research on the Middle East, revolutionary politics, and the media. I wrote my thesis about the politicization of social services in the Lebanese press. I completed my PhD in media and communication studies at the University of Oregon in 2021. My dissertation examined the history and deployment of electronic voting machines in India and the United States.

My research explores the constitutive roles that information and communication technologies and digital media play in political processes and culture in a global context. As a scholar, I am deeply invested in interdisciplinarity, collaboration, and developing methodologies that blur the line between the humanities and social sciences.

Research/Publications Highlights

Scholarly Publications

  • Jones, P. & Valiani, A. Undone Science and Technological Innovation: The Case of electronic voting machines in postcolonial India. Forthcoming in Science, Technology, & Human Values.
  • Koopman, C., Jones, P., McLevey, M., Simon, Valerie., & Showler, P. (Collaborative Genealogies Colloquium). (2021). When Data Drive Health: An Archaeology of Medical Records Technology. Forthcoming at BioSocieties. September 6.
  • Koopman, C., Sheehey, B., Jones, P., Smithers, L., Hamid, S., & Pickard, C. (Critical Genealogies Collaboratory). (2018). Standard Forms of Power: Biopower and sovereign power in the technology of the U.S. birth certificate, 1903-1935. Constellations: An International Journal of Critical and Democratic Theory, 25(2), pp. 1-16.
  • Valencia, R., & Jones, P. (2018). Networks of Radical Dissent: The structural conditions of public relations strategies and tactics and the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES). Journal of Public Relations Inquiry, 7(3), pp. 199-223.
  • Jones, P., & Soderlund, G. (2017). The Conspiratorial Mode in American Television: Politics, public relations, and journalism in House of Cards and Scandal. American Quarterly, 69(4), pp. 833-856.

Popular Press

  • Jones, P. Aadhaar, Lessons from India’s attempt to marry biometric and voter ID databases, Brooking Institute TechStream, April 27.
  • Jones, P. The Conspiracy and Disinformation Challenge on E-commerce Platforms, Brookings Institute TechStream, June 10.


Communication Studies


  • Ph.D., Communication and Media Studies, School of Journalism and Communication, University of Oregon