PlusOne Pathway

The PlusOne Accelerated Master’s Pathway offers motivated students the opportunity to start earning their master’s degree while pursuing an undergraduate education at Northeastern. 


Why PlusOne? 

The PlusOne pathway enables students to: 

  • Accelerate learning– By earning up to 16 credits toward a master’s degree, undergraduate students can receive their graduate degree up to one year sooner than a traditional master’s program. 
  • Cut costs– Since those 16 credits count toward undergraduate and graduate education at no additional cost, a PlusOne can result in significant financial savings. 
  • Gain a competitive edge– According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an increasing number of jobs and career directions require a master’s degree.
  • Earn more– Advanced degree holders earn a salary on average 35% higher than bachelor’s degree holders. (State Higher Education Executive Officers) 

PlusOne at CAMD

Traditionally, PlusOne pathways are aligned between undergraduate and graduate studies, where students pursue a master’s degree in their undergraduate discipline. CAMD’s PlusOne pathways are designed differently—and we aim to rethink the relationship between degrees and desired career paths.

PlusOne at CAMD affords students (both CAMD and non-CAMD majors) the freedom to cultivate complementary, interdisciplinary skill sets by pursuing graduate degrees in subject areas beyond what they are studying as undergrads. The result is a highly flexible, practical, and personalized academic experience that primes students for success in a wide array of emerging fields.

Thinking of three co-ops? Complete two co-ops in the undergrad years and then do the third in your graduate year. In as little as five years, you can earn a bachelor’s and a master’s degree and have completed three co-ops!

Eligible CAMD Graduate Programs


Planning and Eligibility

 Starting as early as their sophomore year, interested students should begin speaking with their academic advisor to evaluate options and start planning.

  • Work with your primary undergraduate academic advisor to verify that you have room for four graduate courses in your major and/or general electives.
  • Complete Parts 1 and 2 of the PlusOne Transition to Master’s form with your primary undergraduate academic advisor.  This form is used to confirm that students are eligible to apply to the graduate program via the PlusOne pathway; it does not guarantee admission.
  • Students must have a minimum overall 3.000 GPA and must have at least 64 semester-hours of earned or earned and in-progress credits before they are eligible to apply.
  • Reach out to the graduate program coordinator to learn more about your program of interest and if interested, complete Part 3 of the PlusOne Transition to Master’s form.

Marie Law Adams, Associate Professor
[email protected]

Design for Sustainable Urban Environments
Sara Jensen Carr, Assistant Professor
[email protected]

Experience Design
Kristian Kloeckl, Associate Professor
[email protected]

Game Science and Design
Bob De Schutter, Associate Professor
[email protected]

Information Design and Data Visualization
Brockett Horne, Teaching Professor
[email protected]

Journalism | Media Advocacy | Media Innovation and Data Communication
John Wihbey, Associate Professor
[email protected]


Application Process

Students who have completed the steps above should begin the graduate application process.

Application requirements are available at

Please note that the application fee and TOEFL/IELTS standardized testing are not required. Additionally, letters of recommendation are waived for applicants with a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.300 and above.


Admissions Details

Students must be admitted to the graduate program before they will be able to enroll in graduate courses via the PlusOne pathway.

Admission is based on the academic standards defined by the specific graduate program students are applying to. Upon successful completion of their undergraduate degree requirements and admission via the PlusOne, students earn guaranteed placement in their graduate degree program. Students in the top 10% of their department graduating class may be eligible for CAMD scholarship funding for their remaining graduate courses.

If a student decides not to pursue the graduate program, all regular undergraduate program and course requirements will apply. Credit from the undergraduate degree cannot be used toward the graduate degree at a later date.


Other Options for Graduate Study at CAMD

If the PlusOne pathway is not right for you, consider applying to begin a CAMD graduate program upon the completion of your undergraduate degree and take advantage of the Double Husky Scholarship.

Please note that students entering a CAMD graduate program via the PlusOne pathway are not eligible for the Double Husky Scholarship.