Art + Design

Animation, BFA

Animation concentration provides a comprehensive exploration of the entire production pipeline for a variety of animated content including films, visual effects, broadcast, visualization, games, and spatial media.

With a focus on developing robust conceptual, narrative and technical software skills, this rigorous studio program explores the power and potential of effective visual communication through 2D and 3D motion design. The animation concentration provides ample opportunities to explore and collaborate with related creative disciplines (VR/AR/XR, game design, interactive, video, etc.) making this a truly unique learning experience. Throughout their education, students will work to develop a professional level portfolio, the centerpiece of which will be a one-year capstone project, demonstrating mastery in their specific area of focus.

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Co-op Opportunities

Boston Public Market

The Boston Beer Company

TJMaxx and HomeGoods


Career Opportunities

Editorial Photographer

Photo Editor

Art Director


Art Producer


Sound/Audio Designer

Multidisciplinary Skills

Camera Operations

Set Design

Presenting Ideas


Studio Lighting

Audio Recording

Time Management

Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate awareness of the foundation and historical methods of digital media and applying research in portfolio development.
2. Analyze and critique artistic media effectively through both verbal and written communication, showing the ability to collaborate with peers and related disciplines.
3. Create a large body of portfolio work representing a wide range of concepts reflecting advanced level of analysis
4. Evaluate current and future trends in the development digital media by employing skills to disseminate and share information over the medium.
5. Explain and employ a unique personal style that shows significant contribution in the medium.