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Creative Fabrication, Minor

The creative fabrication minor is comprised of a suite of courses that introduces the student to studio principles and practices that will inform the creative, intuitive, and critical processes that are vital when realizing ideas into physical material form.

The minor is designed to train and prepare the student with a skill set of traditional and emerging tools and methods for inventing, fabricating, constructing, shaping, and prototyping innovative work in a wide range of materials for a variety of products, places, and purposes. This minor offers the challenge of creating a project that demonstrates and tests the student’s competence with the making of artifacts that align with the intentions and aspirations of the maker.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Use art and design theory and history to analyze, frame, and critique creative works across a range of times, cultures, and media.
  2. Gather information and apply modes of inquiry based in the humanities, sciences, social sciences and visual arts to analyze and produce creative work.
  3. Demonstrate competency in visual, spatial, and/or time-based media through the production of creative works.
  4. Demonstrate collaborative learning skills through group discussion and critique.
  5. Discuss creative works in light of their social and ethical implications.
  6. Create visual artworks that express ideas and demonstrate an individual vision and voice.
  7. Describe, analyze, and evaluate how the student’s studio-based creative practice has evolved over time.a





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