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Journalism and Data Science, BS

Northeastern University is a top-50, Tier-1 research university that has both a world-renowned computer science faculty and an award-winning data journalism faculty.

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Students in the pioneering Data Science and Journalism combined major will study with both computer science and media faculty, learning how to tell data-driven stories, create compelling and beautiful visualizations, and analyze datasets using cutting-edge techniques. The degree is meant for students who want an education that unites both the sciences and the humanities, and the courses required are designed to be complementary.

Students will have many opportunities to work alongside leading faculty in research communities such as the Data Visualization @ Khoury team, the Co-Laboratory for Data Impact, and the Storybench project.

See a profile of a graduate who did co-ops and is now working at the intersection of data and journalism.

Through Northeastern’s rigorous courses and unique experiential co-op program, students will gain the knowledge and skills to help to chart the future of data storytelling and data analysis across a variety of fields, from news media to technology and social media companies.

In this major, you will become a great interviewer and writer, as well as someone who can use technologies to analyze complex problems. You will learn to explore critically the intersection between technology and democracy.

Jobs across the digital economy increasingly require skills in data-driven storytelling, interpretation, and presentation. Leadership roles increasingly require both qualitative and quantitative skills. The degree program prepares students for high-level work in many roles, from: heading the graphics team or being the CTO at a major media organization; to doing investigative journalism or being a product manager at a technology company; to becoming a communications or creative director for a mission-driven nonprofit or agency.

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe, analyze, and critique the role of Journalism in a democracy (1st Amendment).
  2. Gather and use data for reporting & analysis.
  3. Collaborate with other news professionals in writing & production of news.
  4. Report & produce a story across a range of media.
  5. Identify patterns in media innovation & the evolving business dynamics of Journalism.
  6. Write focused, organized, literate, and accurate narratives using AP Style; when appropriate.
  7. Critically analyze visual information.
  8. Understand and apply ethical standards of Journalism.

Career Opportunities

  • Journalist
  • Data Analyst


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