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The School of Journalism at CAMD combines traditional journalistic values—asking fundamental questions, seeking truths, holding institutions accountable—with new media techniques of digital, video, and data storytelling. All to create journalists and public relations professionals ready to engage audiences, spur action, and change the world.

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The world needs journalists now more than ever to tell stories that shift perceptions, spur action, and shape our world. As journalism continues to evolve, we’re reshaping curriculum to integrate interdisciplinary thinking.

Jonathan Kaufman

Director, School of Journalism

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Preparing for what’s next

School of Journalism graduates pursue a wide range of careers in journalism and media, public relations, advocacy, and other communications fields.

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Undergraduate Programs

Our undergraduate programs emphasize the reporting and writing skills students need to gather, investigate, analyze, present, and share information. Led by field-tested faculty, our courses and curriculum keep pace with the changing way that news is delivered and consumed today.

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Graduate Programs

The School of Journalism offers two tracks in a Master of Arts degree that prepares students for the challenges they will face working in legacy and new media in the digital age. We also offer a Master of Science in Media Advocacy, in collaboration with the School of Law.

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Combined Majors

We offer unique major combinations such as Computer Science + Journalism, BS, Journalism and Interaction Design, BS, and Criminal Justice + Journalism, BS.

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Co-Op: Learning through experience

Nothing prepares you better than experience. And that’s just what undergraduate and graduate students get on co-op, the university’s internationally acclaimed program where students work a full-time job for six months while gaining real-world skills, building valuable contacts, and boosting their career prospects.

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Student Groups & Opportunities

The most exciting story our students tell is their own. It starts right on our vibrant campus, where opportunities abound to engage peers through student clubs, find their voice on Storybench, and pursue their passions on The Scope, our innovative online publications.

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