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Student Opportunities

Experiential Learning

Learn how students build their journalistic skills through immersive educational experiences and co-ops in media and newsrooms.

Co-op Program

Journalism co-op experiences instill professional knowledge, understanding, and confidence that lead to a lifetime of success in the field.

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Student clubs and organizations

Student clubs and organizations

Student clubs and organizations

Journalism Co-op Spotlight

Hear from current students in the Department of Journalism who have had exciting and enriching experiences at some of the world’s most prestigious and cutting-edge institutions during their co-op. And find out what they plan to do next.


“What I love about Journalism is that you can take that aspect of storytelling and apply it to a lot of different mediums.”

Isabelle Hahn, Class of ’20
Co-op position: Social Media Co-op at Hubspot, Cambridge, MA

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