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Immersive Media, Minor

This is an interdisciplinary minor that provides a foundation in the design and development of immersive experiences in the exploration of human connection and interaction through media and technology.

Focusing on the core principles, tools, and techniques of immersive media development, students have an opportunity to learn to tell stories, prototype new worlds, and explore creative workflows that will help shape the future of design.

The minor serves students who are interested in the following areas: human-computer interaction, enhanced realities, virtual reality, augmented reality, augmented virtuality, extended reality, and cross reality.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate awareness of the foundation and historical methods of digital media and applying research in portfolio development.
  2. Analyze and critique artistic media effectively through both verbal and written communication, showing the ability to collaborate with peers and related disciplines.
  3. Create a large body of portfolio work representing a wide range of concepts reflecting advanced level of analysis
  4. Evaluate current and future trends in the development digital media by employing skills to disseminate and share information over the medium.
  5. Explain and employ a unique personal style that shows significant contribution in the medium.



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