Science Media Lab

The Science Media Lab, a collaboration between Northeastern’s School of Journalism and the Provost of Research, is a new initiative to raise awareness about science scholarship at Northeastern University. Our team of writers spotlight cutting edge, high impact research in both natural and social sciences across the university’s colleges. Our stories will be featured on the Provost of Research’s homepage as well as other internal and external outlets.  



To get in touch with our team, reach out to Marigo Farr at [email protected]


Marigo Farr, Editor In Chief

Marigo Farr is a climate and equity journalist and a contributing writer for Grist, Nieman Reports and Engineering News Record. She comes to journalism from a ten-year career in the non-profit sector working on policy in environmental and food justice, housing, municipal budgets, and healthcare. She received her masters degree in journalism from Northeastern University in the spring of 2023 and formerly a Climate Solutions Fellow at Grist.


Noah Haggerty, Staff Writer

Noah Haggerty is a science communicator and physics researcher. He is the editor-in-chief of NU Sci Magazine and has conducted research for the Department of Energy at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the DIII-D National Fusion Facility. In his writing, Noah explores the cutting edge of physics, environmentalism in science, and the institutions and practices behind research. He is a fourth-year undergraduate at Northeastern University studying applied physics, computer science, and journalism.


Julia Laquerre, Staff Writer

Julia Laquerre is a science writer who specializes in environmental science, drug discovery, and women’s health. She has contributed to the NU Sci Magazine and Storybench. Along with her work at the Science Media Lab, Julia works at  Northeastern’s Climate Justice and Sustainability Hub. Julia is in her third year at Northeastern University majoring in journalism with a minor in ecology and evolutionary biology. Outside of her growing journalism career, Julia enjoys hiking, spending time with her cat, and making stained glass art. 


Annetta Stogniew, Staff Writer

Annetta Stogniew is a data storyteller specializing in lifestyle and climate reporting. She has contributed to the Huntington News, Storybench and NU Sci Magazine at Northeastern and previously interned at NBC Local Stations. Outside of the Science Media Lab, Annetta studies climate journalism on Twitter with the Co-Lab for Data Impact. She is in her fourth year of undergraduate studies in computer science and journalism at Northeastern University.


Elisabeth Hadjis, Former Staff Writer

Elisabeth is a Boston-based journalist from Ottawa, Canada. She enjoys covering topics in climate resilience, environmental policy and conservation in the Greater Boston Area, with pieces published in National Geographic and Boston Magazine. Elisabeth has a background in strategic communications and digital marketing, particularly in the health industry. She is pursuing a Master of Arts in journalism at Northeastern University, focused on exploring the intersection between science and storytelling.


John P. Wihbey

Associate Professor & Graduate Programs Director

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Jeff Howe
Jeff Howe

Associate Professor

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