Spring 2017 Casting

A sincere and enthusiastic THANK YOU to everyone who auditioned for our spring shows. We were invigorated and overwhelmed by your talent and passion!!

If you have not been cast but would still like to participate in one or more of the spring productions please email Marti.

If you have been cast, PLEASE NOTE:

  • Please initial next to your name to accept your casting. If you are not on campus, please have a friend initial for you or contact Marti.
  • EVERYONE MUST make an appointment with Paula in the Costume Shop to take your measurements ASAP – please do so BEFORE YOU LEAVE CAMPUS for the winter break. If you are not on campus, please make an appointment for your return in January.
  • The scripts for MISS JULIE and NORA have not been completely finalized yet. We will have digital copies available to you ASAP and hard copies of all 3 productions will be available when you return in January.

Please see Marti if you have any other questions!