The curriculum pairs studio courses with relevant architecture history and technology courses to support the comprehensive learning experience of the student. Students engage in intensive studio projects that encourage them to seek prototypical solutions to problems in the modern city. Instruction takes place in the studio with one-on-one consultations with faculty, critiques with classmates and formal reviews. Visiting critics participate in reviews and there is a lecture series that brings prominent professionals on campus to discuss the work they are doing in the field.

As part of their studies, students are enrolled in two six-month co-ops during which they have paid employment. This allows students to gain real world experience in architecture that aids them in both their academic development and in professional advancement. Co-op experience can often be applied to one’s APX (formerly IDP) credits.

The School of Architecture offers a NAAB-accredited one-year program to our students who have successfully completed the B.S. degree in architecture. This allows our own students to achieve a master’s degree in an efficient and timely manner.

Applicants should note that the B.S. degree in Architecture is not sufficient by itself to meet the academic requirement to sit for State licensure. (Most undergraduate architecture degrees are not accredited). Students who graduate with the B.S. degree have the option to apply to the one-year NAAB accredited Master of Architecture degree that is open to our B.S. graduates in good standing.

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These spreadsheets are intended to help students track their course of study. Please refer to your year of graduation and division to ensure you are following the right sequence. They can also be used for prospective students to get a better of idea of what a typical year looks like at Northeastern as a student in the BS Architecture program.

2023, Division A     2023, Division B

2022, Division A     2022, Division B

2021, Division A     2021, Division B

2020, Division A   2020, Division B

2019, Division A     2019, Division B

2018, Division A     2018, Division B

To learn more about a specific class, click the title below.

ARCH 1000: Architecture at Northeastern
ARCH 1110: Fundamental Representation
ARCH 1120: Fundamental Design
ARCH 1310: Architecture and Global Cultures, Prehistory to 1400

ARCH 2130: Site, Space & Program
ARCH 2140: Urban Institutions
ARCH 2240: Architectonic Systems
ARCH 2210: Environmental Systems
ARCH 2330: Architecture, Modernity, and the City, 1800 to 1910
ARCH  2340: Architecture, Modernity, and the City, 1910 to 1980

ARCH 3170: Architecture, Infrastructure and the City
ARCH 3370: Topics in Architecture (course content changes by semester)
ARCH 3450: Advanced Architectural Communication

ARCH 3155: Studio Abroad
ARCH 3361: Architecture & Urbanism Abroad
ARCH 3440 Workshop Topics Abroad
ARCH 3363 Field Study Topics Abroad 
ARCH 4990 Language/Cultural Elective Abroad

ARCH 5115: Options Studio
ARCH 5120: Comprehensive Design Studio
ARCH 5220: Integrated Building Systems
ARCH 5230: Structural Systems
ARCH 5310: Design Tactics and Operations

EXED 2000: Professional Development for Co-op