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Banca Intesa Data Visualizations

This project was collaborated by Banca Intesa S.p.A., an Italian banking group, and the design team led by Paolo Ciuccarelli from the Center for Design, Northeastern University. The project aimed to create a collection of data visualizations for Banca Intesa S.p.A. to explore its impacts on the growth of knowledge depth in the company. The results will be used for developing the training program and supporting the future business plan.


Team members: Paolo Ciuccarelli, Houjiang Liu, Yuan Hua
Partners: Banca Intesa, Italy


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Data Sonification Archive

This curated collection is part of a broader research endeavor in which data, sonification and design converge to explore the potential of sound in complementing other modes of representation and broadening the publics of data. With visualization still being one of the prominent forms of data transformation, we believe that sound can both enrich the experience of data and build new publics.

Archive Here

COVIC Archive | Covid-19 Online Visualization Collection

COVIC is a broad multi-lingual, multi-cultural view of visualizations created during the global COVID-19 pandemic. The project classifies articles and figures in a format that is available for teaching and research purposes; contains a snapshot of information design practice during the pandemic period; illustrates the range of qualitative and quantitative visualization possibilities; preserves a persistent record of ephemeral online visualization artifacts; provides a portrait of this moment of inflection accelerating the transition from print to online; represents both a problem space — how can visualization practice be used to address this problem — and a solution space — the techniques being used at different times, in different languages, and in different contexts. If you would like access to the archive, please email the center. Team MembersPaul Kahn, Paolo Ciuccarelli, Sean Durham, Wilber Mui, Robbie Roxas, Matthew Siu, Cody Wackerman, Liuhuaying Yang, Yixuan Zhang

Students: Alison Booth, Nik Brown, Elizabeth Cory, Christian Dicker, Yinan Dong, Mayra Parrilla Guerrero, Betsy Kaeberle, Jayden Khatib, Yuke Li, Yuqing Liu, Rachel Peterson, Ha Ta, Siyue Tan, Ning Wang, Matthew Wolfinger, Zixuan Yang

PartnersDubberly Design Office

Archive Here


Shenzhen Biennale

A visual atlas of the curatorial process behind – and before – the Eyes of the City. The body of the curatorial process has been dissected into eleven charts that expose the richness of the corpus of metadata and descriptions attached to each and every one of the submitted applications.

The aim is to unfold the complexity of the curatorial process, to make it legible, and to re-constitute the ensemble of all the applications as a (big) picture of the current status of design and research in architecture and urban planning. Who applied, from where, when, and what do all these proposals have in common in terms of topics and imagery? Navigating the flows and the nets of data you can find the answers and step into the tree of decisions that builds an exhibition, before entering it.


Paolo Ciuccarelli, Lead Designer | Yinan Dong, data visualization | Yuan Hua, data visualization | Todd Linkner, data visualization | Yuqing Liu, data visualization | Nicole Zizzi, data visualization



Design for Emergency

We have launched Design for Emergency, an open design platform to face the Covid-19 emergency through design.

Through this platform, we are collecting information on the problems, needs, and feelings of people dealing with containment measures, such as home isolation and social distancing. Results of this ongoing analysis are openly available to designers and developers, who can collaborate on ideating and implementing human-centered solutions that connect, inform, support, and entertain communities in new ways.
The initiative has soon become global, involving countries in three continents, and it is still growing.


Dr. Sara Colombo | Prof. Paolo Ciuccarelli



Meta-Design Series

We envision a meta-platform comprised of existing and new platforms, for building a common understanding and fostering collaborative action. This meta-platform will consist of talks, seminars, documents, and other shared initiatives. We aim at sparking conversations within and outside the design field, both in the academic context and in the professional domain: we are reaching out to practitioners, design lovers, academics, and industry players.


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Design Resources Repository 

The Center for Design is curating a collection of resources that might enlighten us to think about design, design research, and design practice in general as collaborative practice. We have been gathering different available resources and have built a Repository of design tools, trends, methods, publications, case studies, and podcasts to help designers and general practitioners easily find and access information and design materials, following the meta-design approach of enabling platforms for others to choose, design, and act.

If you have design tools or links that you use or know of, please send them in so that we may add them to the repository.


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Design Resources Repository

Design Observatory


To disambiguate the meaning of design practice in different domains, the Center for Design is launching the “Design Observatory,” a research project that will use various methods and materials to map out the landscape of design in different spaces of practice. The Observatory aims to examine how design is talked about, referred to, and practiced in different domains, in the process investigating how it has evolved and where it is going in the future such as to situate encounters with design in a larger historical, practical, and theoretical context.


Design Observatory

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