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Research and Projects

The Center for Design opens up a new space for interdisciplinary exchanges; it is where the design research agenda is collectively shaped and innovative solutions are collaboratively conceived and developed through joint research initiatives.


Building solid ground for the bridges that CAMD faculty members have already established internally and promoting new collaborations with other areas both within and beyond Northeastern University, the Center for Design gathers the critical mass needed to leverage existing research initiatives, providing them a fertile environment to grow and systematically sustain them.


This project aims to understand how groups can remain ignorant whether through error or omission and for how long, even when group members act rationally and assess evidence that itself points to the truth.

LUCID Framework

This project imagines user-centered design processes where the latent needs of users are automatically elicited and then translated into new concept recommendations for designers.

Design for Conversations

Service design teams are composed of people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. These workshops aims to provide participants with tools to raise awareness of cultural differences and similarities.

How Do Teens Learn About Sexual Health?

The short-term goal of this project is to develop an in-depth understanding of how teenagers learn about sex and to identify potential gaps in information channels.

Data Sonification Archive

This curated collection is part of a broader research endeavor in which data, sonification and design converge to explore the potential of sound in complementing other modes of representation.

Threads of Assumption

Threads of Assumption is an exploration of gender-bias and artificial intelligence. We collect personal stories about gender-based harm and look for patterns and narratives within the data.

Design for Empowered Patientship

This research team is mapping the healthcare ecosystems of Boston and Milan, exploring the co-design and co-production processes that contain evidence of patient-driven innovation.

Design Resources Repository

The Center for Design is curating a collection of resources that might enlighten us to think about design, design research, and design practice in general as collaborative practice.

Data Embodiment

What affordances, opportunities, and challenges emerge when interpreting data through the body using dance?

Design for Emergency

The Design for Emergency Data Platform collects data about people’s experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic.

COVIC Archive

COVIC is a broad, multi-lingual, multi-cultural view of visualizations created during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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