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Research and Projects

The Center for Design opens up a new space for these interdisciplinary exchanges; it is where the design research agenda is collectively shaped and innovative solutions are collaboratively conceived and developed through joint research initiatives. Building solid ground for the bridges that CAMD faculty members have already established internally and promoting new collaborations with other areas both within and beyond Northeastern University, the Center for Design gathers the critical mass needed to leverage existing research initiatives, providing them a fertile environment to grow and systematically sustain them.

Research Areas

Design + Health

Aging is a gradual shift of autonomy from physical control to relational connectedness. Service as a social system was developed to provide this connection to human network.

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Design + Data

What affordances, opportunities, and challenges emerge when interpreting data through the body using dance? The Data Dance team has been working with a contemporary dance company in a series of workshops which guide participants through activities aimed at creating space for embodied engagement with data.

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We envision a meta-platform comprised of existing and new platforms, for building a common understanding and fostering collaborative action. This meta-platform will consist of talks, seminars, documents, and other shared initiatives.

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Design + Robotics

This is a four-year research endeavor on the topic of Design for Human-Robot Collaboration. Specifically, the research is looking at human-robot collaboration in the context of the industrial workplace, using the seafood processing industry in the American Northeast as a case study.

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Projects, Exhibitions, and Initiatives

Center for Design installations, exhibitions, and more

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