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Design for Empowered Patientship

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This research team is mapping the healthcare ecosystems of Boston and Milan, exploring the co-design and co-production processes that contain evidence of patient-driven innovation. The project observes and maps different scenarios in which design plays a role in the interdisciplinary innovation process, mapping experiences and practices of products-services, technologies, organizational processes, initiatives, public programs or actions, and policies—with the goal of pinpointing and connecting this emergent knowledge to the actors’ system that produced them. The mapping of the Boston healthcare ecosystem will be compared with Milano’s to clarify the nature of the empowered patientship and identify opportunities for strategic cross-connections and research initiatives through interdisciplinary collaborations and partnerships. The project aims to promote an interdisciplinary, cultural, and pragmatic interdisciplinary transition in healthcare systems, nurturing a patient-centric development of new products-services to provide more agency and choices to patients and tpromote health equity and inclusion.

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Estefania Ciliotta, Paolo Ciuccarelli, Miso Kim and Michael Arnold Mages

CfD Team Members

Other Team Members

Massimo Bianchini and Stefano Maffei

PhD Students

Uri Seitz


Politecnico di Milano

Research Areas

Design + Health