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CRISP: Co-Worker Robots to Impact Seafood Processing

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Machines in industrial workplace environments have notoriously been a source of harm for human health. Machines in gyms, instead, can help improve both health and fitness. This observation has been the starting point for this project. As people make use of machines in gyms or similar exercise setups to improve their health, why not take inspiration from that and develop machines for the factory floor that do the same?

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This project is developed by the Experience Design Lab and the Institute for Experiential Robotics at Northeastern University. This work was supported by the National Science Foundation under the award number 1928654. Development of the prototype takes place in our space at innovation hub MassRobotics in the Boston Seaport.


Kristian Kloeckl

CfD Team Members

Other Team Members

Taskin Padir, Rui Luo, Patrick Dawson, Mark Zolotas, Zuozheng Zhong, Dipanjan Saha and Salah Bazzi


Experience Design Lab and Institute for Experiential Robotics

Research Areas

Design + Robotics