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Participatory Budgeting Deliberative Community Conversations

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This project is a collaboration with the City of Boston to facilitate a participatory budgeting process grounded in equity. This involves creating a deliberative community conversation toolkit for use by community partner organizations who will be recruited and managed by the City of Boston. The key focus is on equity-centered recruiting, prioritizing fair and inclusive practices to ensure diverse representation and creating an equitable and informed decision-making environment. The collaborative effort aims to empower community members, allowing them to actively voice needs and priorities that are relevant to their neighborhoods, generating data that can be formed into project proposals and fostering inclusivity and fairness throughout the process.

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Estefania Ciliotta Chehade, Aashita Jain and Michael Arnold Mages

CfD Team Members

Other Team Members

Renato Castelo and Mark Araujo

PhD Students

Angelique Dina and Maria Fernanda Ramirez


City of Boston Participatory Budgeting Office

Research Areas

Design + Conversation