The Media Production Minor is for Communication Studies majors interested in learning the hands-on techniques of producing and directing for the entertainment industry. The technical aspects of camera operation, audio design, lighting design, digital editing, and live broadcast are also covered. Today, the entertainment industry is a very complex and competitive field. Employers are not only looking for bright, focused individuals, but employees with the hands-on skills to complete a wider variety of projects in a timely fashion. Our focus is on providing well-rounded experiences for our students and in giving them the technical skills they will need to pursue a career in Media Production.

Connections to the World

The Communication Studies Department has extensive knowledge in the area of Media Production, as illustrated by the courses offered in audio production, studio production, field production, digital editing, and producing for the Entertainment Industry. An internship course is also offered, which allows students to work with reputable companies all over the United States and abroad. With our cutting edge technology, students will be exposed to a professional environment in which they will learn the terminology of Media Production, and develop skills in producing, directing, camera operation, audio design, lighting design, digital editing, and live broadcasting. Drawing on the faculty’s professional experience and scholarship in these fields, the Department is well equipped to train students in all forms of video production and establish themselves as reliant, confident professionals.