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Bill Lancaster

Senior Lecturer

Bill Lancaster’s media background spans more than 20 years as a documentary filmmaker, news and entertainment television producer, magazine writer and public relations consultant. His work has appeared on NBC, CNBC, CBS, MTV, VH1, Bloomberg Business News, USA Network, The Travel Channel and The Food Network, among other broadcast, cable and online venues. His principle area of research examines evolving news and entertainment content creation and distribution systems.

In 2012 Lancaster was selected as a visiting scholar to lecture at Nanjing University in Nanjing, China, where he also delivered presentations at The John Hopkins Center for Chinese and American Studies. He routinely returns to China to deliver talks at the Communication University of China and other universities in Beijing.

Lancaster teaches Producing for the Entertainment Industry, Broadcast Television Management and Programming, and The Business of Entertainment. The business course features major news and entertainment figures who have won Oscars, Emmys and other industry awards.

From investigative journalism to entertainment programming to comedy shorts, Bill has brought his own distinctive stamp to producing content. As Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Ellis Henican has said, “In the end, it’s all about Bill’s ability to tell a moving story whatever the medium or the venue. He certainly has the ratings and the longevity to prove it. It’s always fun for me to hear other producers watch a film or video and say: ‘That has to be a Lancaster creation.’’’

Bill’s most recent documentary is “Three Times the Violence,” a provocative investigation into the alarming incidence of hate crimes against people with disabilities, and how disability advocates are working to prevent these crimes from occurring. The film can be seen at: http://www.northeastern.edu/brudnickcenter/

The New York Sunday Times, The Boston Herald, Vanity Fair and other print outlets have all published articles on Bill’s shows and films. PBS, The Hallmark Network and Boston’s news magazine “Chronicle,” have also profiled his productions.

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