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Students at Recent Future of Television Panel.

The recent Future of Television panel, hosted by Bill Lancaster, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Communication Studies, brought big names in TV to campus to challenge Northeastern students to explore what TV might look like in 2025 – and beyond. Today, with new streamlining platforms as well as YouTube, in addition to cable and broadcast, viewers have more options than ever. What does this mean for the big picture? This was the theme that panelists Stephanie Masarsky-Sloves, Showrunner and Executive Producer of TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé; Erik Korsh, Emmy winning producer CBS, ABC, TV commercials, feature and documentary films; Susannah McCullough and Debra Minoff, executive producers You Tube’s “The Take,” an analysis of film, tv, and pop culture; and Matthew Gilbert, television critic for The Boston Globe, explored.

Moderated by Professor Lancaster, the conversations were lively and valuable. While the panelists all worked in different arenas, they all had one passion in common: storytelling.

“The entertainment industry seems like such a fantasy to most students that we can’t possibly imagine what it is like to actually work inside of it,” said Northeastern student Lisa Simon, who is studying Marketing and Media Production.

There are so many different facets of entertainment, and this panel really highlighted the many corners of the industry.

“The panelists were eager and excited to coach us students, and left us with some great advice: go after what you want, and don’t be afraid to start at the bottom,” continued Lisa. “So many students simply want to be in the video production business and are unaware of how many different aspects, departments, and jobs there are. This panel served as a guiding light to help students find their niche in the industry and go after it. Professor Lancaster has a great network of connections, I’m excited to see who he brings in next!”