Faculty Mentors

Mentoring is a relationship between a faculty member and a student, in which the mentor guides and motivates the mentee. These mentoring relationships are an important part of the college’s culture. Mentoring can be determined through a formal assignment or informally through interactions in class, office hours, in the hallways, studios or performance spaces. Each department will have a handful of faculty mentors who are identified as primary points of contact for specific concentrations, tracks, specializations or fields within the discipline, but all full-time faculty teaching in a CAMD department have the opportunity to become a student’s faculty mentor.


Main Office

212A Lake Hall

Bill Lancaster


[email protected]


Michelle Carr


[email protected]


Sam Lotuff


[email protected]


Susan Picillo


[email protected]



Dale Herbeck

[email protected]


Greg Goodale


[email protected]


Sarah Jackson


[email protected]


Majors are free to select their own faculty mentor. For many majors, this is a faculty member working in their area or a professor they have had for class.