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Columbinus – interactive explorer of US school shootings

Interactive visualization that served as a stage background for a theater production.

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Motivated by the 1999 massacre at Columbine High School, Columbinus is a multi-media docudrama that connects fact and fiction to illuminate today’s culture of violence. Developed by Stephen Karam and PJ Paparelli from interviews with teenagers across the country, as well as with the survivors and community members, this poignant, disturbing performance-event sheds light on the dark recesses of American adolescence.

IDV students Armin Akhavan and Lia Petronio collaborated with director, Prof. Matthew Gray to create visualizations to be integrated into this production by CAMD’s Theatre department, at Northeastern University.


IDV Students


Lia Petronio

Armin Akhavan

Northeastern Theatre, Production

Matthew Gray, Director