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Valley Singer

Designing the Rural Projects

Pioneer Valley is currently experiencing a difficult transition period. As a region that emerged during the industrial era, it has seen a significant number of factory closures, a wave of unemployment, and an exodus of young people due to the impacts of globalization. Nowadays, Pioneer Valley has a considerable number of foreign Latin workers (H2A workers, legal immigrants, illegal immigrants, etc.) working on farms. However, they also face many difficulties, such as poor housing conditions, low income, and issues related to their children’s education. This project hopes to improve the living conditions of both locals and foreign workers by introducing a music festival to attract more tourists and investors.


Qingyuan Wang


The work schedule of H2A workers is highly cyclical and repetitive. During non-planting times, many choose to work on farms in other states, and some return to their home countries. During this period, many farms in Pioneer Valley are idle, which actually hides a huge business opportunity.

“Valley Singer” is a nonprofit social organization that organizes concerts to attract more young people and capital to Pioneer Valley, aiming to improve the lives of local farmers, residents, and H2A workers.

All the buildings on the island are temporary and highly flexible, making them easy to transport.

What I Wish

Through this project, I hope that as someone living in Boston, enjoying the essential resources and energy provided by the surrounding satellite cities, we can become more aware of the people from different countries and cultural backgrounds who are quietly contributing and striving for survival. They deserve society’s attention.