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Designing the Rural

Research and Design for the Pioneer Valley

Rural areas are now at the forefront of sustainability and environmental justice. We focus on the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts, a landscape affected by increasingly intricate food systems, ecotourism developments, climate change, migrations, community activism, and other profound transformations.

Through research and engagement with many local organizations, we propose creative ideas for sustainable regional development that combine architectural, landscape, and urban design. We see the Pioneer Valley as an experimental field to reimagine how we live together today and inhabit our Planet in the future.

About Our Work

Contact Information

We created this webpage as a collection of ideas for community-led sustainable development in the Pioneer Valley. Please contact us if you would like to know more about the projects!


Prof. Ettore Santi, PhD | [email protected]

AgriLabs – Melissa Jacobs | [email protected]

The Climate Corridor – Gene Mongan | [email protected]

Healing Environments – April Morris | [email protected]

The Food Village – Andrea Murillo | [email protected]

Savor the Valley– Chris Beck | [email protected]

Light It Up – Shannon Rooney | [email protected]

Beyond Concrete – Nadya Boualany | [email protected]

Connect and Revitalize – Yuan Zhang | [email protected]

Valley Singer – Qingyuan Wang | [email protected]

Holyoke Nuevo Horizante – Yue Xiao | [email protected]