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This is an exciting time to pursue advanced education and scholarship in creative fields. Never have the arts and culture been so clearly essential to our social, economic and environmental future.

From incisive data visualizations that change how we view the world to cutting-edge data storytelling, from media advocacy and cultural entrepreneurship in underserved communities to “serious” game design for health and security; from green building innovation to urban resiliency and experience design–our faculty and students pursue a rich array of interdisciplinary academic experiences, creative enterprises, and professional endeavors.

At CAMD, we take our mission and vision very seriously. We deliver an outstanding graduate education in traditional areas while exploring new approaches to this generation’s transformative questions. Our community is intellectually rich, educationally vibrant, and professionally accomplished, and our degree options provide a strong foundation of use-inspired, experientially informed coursework and research opportunities. Our programs produce graduates equipped to engage the international marketplace and shape global culture.

We are fortunate to be located in one of world’s premier cities for the arts, media and design. Boston’s rich history and exciting cultural innovations provide a vibrant laboratory for research, teaching and learning. With hundreds of museums, performing arts centers, music venues, and cutting-edge media events, you will find there is always something new to explore.

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