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Experience Design

Our interdisciplinary program trains students to harness a holistic and integrative research-based approach to design. We experiment with design based on an orchestration of events involving multiple dimensions (physical, digital, organizational, sensorial, etc.), and focus on human goals, needs, and desires to mediate concrete situations.

Photo: Objectified Experiences, Chad Dennis, Design for Behavior and Experience (Course Fall 2017)

The Graduate Program in Experience Design at Northeastern University offers three options:


We are interested in how things actually come together in any one situation we experience, and how they relate and connect. The program takes advantage of the incredible breadth of research, learning opportunities, and campus life at Northeastern University.

We welcome applicants from all disciplines and at all points in their academic or professional careers. Explore the growing collection of stories and student work, our program curriculums (MFA, MS, Certificate) and contact us if you have any questions about applying.


Art + Design

Mark Sivak

Creative Media Division Head, Teaching Professor


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