Media Spaces

CAMD offers a wide range of cutting-edge studio, production, performance, and lab facilities—delivering hands-on learning opportunities that are at the core of our curricula. In these creative spaces, students hone and refine raw creativity into ideas that impact society, influence culture, and transform the world.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Northeastern University College of Arts, Media, and Design Media Studios Organization is to provide the tools and technical resources to support exploration and innovation in communication, design, and the arts.  We promote the integration of media and technology into student and faculty work by providing entry-level trainings, intermediate-level workshops, and advanced research support.


The Media Studios Organization (MSO) oversees the operation and programming of all media-related facilities within the College of Arts, Media, and Design (CAMD), including: computer labs, experiential technologies labs, a makerspace, shop, photo and print labs, production labs, a communication studies lab, journalism labs, music studios, and theater studios.  The organization also oversees the Information Technology (IT) and Audiovisual (AV) needs of CAMD, with additional support provided by the university.

The media labs are generally open to all students, faculty, and staff within CAMD.  However, some labs give priority access to certain majors/courses. See the individual lab pages for more details.


Reserving a space is easy with our new online reservation management system. Printers are accessible across the CAMD spaces for convenience. And contact our IT and AV team if you run into any issues while working on campus. 


The College of Arts, Media, and Design offers a variety of labs across campus. These labs are used in student projects, faculty and student research work, and act as collaboration spaces for any students at Northeastern. 

Media Spaces Directory

Map of Media Spaces locations across campus accessible by CAMD students. 

Media Services Staff

The Media Services staff is here to answer any questions and assist with equipment, space rentals, and booking spaces across CAMD. Feel free to reach out with any questions.