Media Studios Organization

Mission and Vision


The mission of the Northeastern University College of Arts, Media, and Design Media Studios Organization is to curate tools and technologies, provide technical guidance, develop and teach workshops, build digital literacies, test and develop improved workflows, and oversee spaces for experiential learning and collaboration, to support exploration and innovation in communication, design, and the arts.

Our resources, though highly interconnected, are organized into six broad categories:
New Technologies Labs
Production Studios
A Media Center
Collaboration & Research Spaces
Computer Labs

We also provide additional resources including: Equipment Reservation, IT & AV Services, and Printing Support

We strive to stay in-step with evolving curricular and research needs, as driven by CAMD leadership and faculty, and promote awareness of available resources and advances in technology, while centralizing and streamlining technical efforts across CAMD. This will be achieved through building up our infrastructure and core tools, increasing investment in transformative technologies, developing a pipeline of technical R&D support within CAMD and key NEU partners, and increasing outreach and community engagement.


Drawing upon the Visions and 2025 Academic Plans of Northeastern and the College of Arts, Media, and Design, the Media Studios Organization will advance the integration of transformative technologies– driven by creative-computation tools and data-integration tools– in student and faculty work, supporting innovation in the arts, design, and communications.

Working with CAMD leadership, faculty, and partner organizations at NEU, we strive to help uphold CAMD’s key part of Northeastern’s position as a global leader in education, research, and innovation.