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Manni Simon, Northeastern Alumnus.

CAMD alumnus Manni Simon ‘16, Music Industry, is a music producer and sound designer who recently developed an online class on Teachable: Music Theory Fundamentals for Songwriting. In response to many school-run music classes being unable to happen this school year, Manni decided to digitally spread his knowledge and passion for music to the younger generation – or anyone who wants to learn to write music.

With a focus on modern, popular music, the course begins with the very basics of defining sound and ends with students being able to write their own songs. “Using video, text, pictures and audio, I teach students to write their own music with a knowledge of musical patterns and structures,” Manni described.

After switching gears toward teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic, Manni has been enjoying the opportunity to share his passion for music theory – a topic he could talk about endlessly – with others.

“With public education funding limited, there are fewer music class options; my goal is to help parents who want their kids to keep being or start being creative with all the at-home time,” Manni said. “And for me, I’m hoping to take the topic of music that I love talking about, sell the course on it well, and eventually get my own business going.”

Students can take the course on their own time at home, and the most they will need is access to a piano/keyboard, either digital or physical. Learn more about the course here. Manni gives credit to Northeastern for introducing him to a music industry and studio atmosphere that helped lead him to where he is now. While an undergraduate student, he took music recording classes, and spent his second co-op at the Digital Media Commons (DMC) multimedia studio in Snell Library.