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Kaela Anderson, Co-op at The Boston Globe.

Kaela Anderson is a Journalism and Interaction Design student in CAMD, currently working in Advertising Creative Services at The Boston Globe. Working under Boston Globe Media’s “Brand Lab” team, Kaela is responsible for creating and editing copy for sponsored content, as well as creating layout designs before articles launch. Her role, like most jobs across the country and globe, recently went online. Learn more about what her experiences working remotely has been, below.

How has your co-op changed since it’s moved online? Have your responsibilities shifted?

Generally speaking, my co-op has remained pretty much the same as it did when I was still coming into the office. I’d say the main difference would be that certain campaigns/clients are holding off on launching because articles are specific to things like travel or social gatherings, so I’m experiencing a little less work than I would if none of this was happening – but nothing major.

Working remotely definitely has its ups and downs…

I’d say I enjoy working in the comfort of my own home – and I’m saving a lot of money not buying lunch all the time.

What digital tools are your co-op company using to keep everyone productive and on-the-same-page?

The Globe is really big on Slack, so the company is always communicating on different Slack channels. We also use Zoom/Google Hangouts a lot which is nice to see everyone’s faces, it helps create a sense of connectivity and involvement even though we haven’t seen each other for a couple of weeks.

During this difficult time, how are you staying motivated and inspired?

It’s definitely hard at times to remain motivated when your bedroom/apartment suddenly becomes your office, your gym, your restaurant, etc

I’ve been trying to create a routine for myself so that the days don’t all just blend into one…

I’ll give myself time to decompress after work like I normally would before I jump into a workout and cook dinner for myself!