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To get a more in-depth perspective on what student life is like here at Northeastern, we decided to facilitate a CAMD Instagram takeover for one week with CAMD students. Take as many photos of what matters to you, whether that be a project, schoolwork, or just a sunset. If you’d like to takeover the CAMD Instagram, let us know by submitting your Instagram account to our email!

Tom Minieri

Tom, @t.minieri, is a fifth-year architecture major at Northeastern from Wallington, New Jersey. We asked him a few questions to get a better idea of what was the inspiration behind his photos during his #CAMDtakeover.

1. What has been your favorite experience while at Northeastern?

My favorite experience while at Northeastern has been my semester abroad in Berlin, Germany. If it weren’t for this mandatory requirement per the architecture program, my current passion for travel may have never existed. What’s most incredible to me is that almost all of my friends have had similar global experiences, and I’ve learned a great amount through their travels as well.

2. What made you choose your major?

I’ve known that I wanted to study architecture since I was a kid. Instead of watching cartoons on Saturday mornings like “normal” kids, I often watched HGTV marathons (followed with hours of playing The Sims..obviously). Additionally, I enjoy the balance between creativity and technical rigor that a career in architecture provides.

3. What inspired the photographs that you took during the takeover?

To be honest, taking photographs during a hectic midterm week was tough with my limited free time. Unlike my personal photography that highlights my travels and other fun experiences, this week’s photos were almost forced to show my everyday life. Hopefully they provided an inside look at my life as an architecture student.

Tom’s Photos and Videos

Tom 1