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School of Journalism graduate and undergraduate students traveled to Greece from May 5 to June 13 with Professors Carlene Hempel and Mike Beaudet. Beaudet, also an investigative reporter for WCVB Channel 5, produced a documentary about their trip for the station’s news program “Chronicle.” The segment was aired on September 25. The students reported on Greece’s economic issues and refugee crisis.

The trip was part of Northeastern University’s Dialogue of Civilizations program. The following students participated in the project: Olivia Arnold, Sophie Cannon, Brandon Carusillo, Luke Dean, Bradley Fargo, Isaac Feldberg, Isabelle Hahn, David Harbeck, Suma Hussien, Alexa LaVersa, Sydne Mass, Cody Mello-Klein, Paxtyn Merten, Asia Palomba, Bridget Peery, Gwendolyn Schanker, Ellie Williams, and Hsiang-Yu Wu. Teaching Assistant Danny Mortimer also contributed to the reporting.