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Last Fall, the Department of Theatre presented a workshop production of Finish Line, the original docudrama created by alumnus Joey Frangieh AMD’12 and Lisa Rafferty from interviews with people at the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.  Students worked with faculty members on the monologues that make up the bulk of the script, and Scott Edmiston wove the event together in an intense week of rehearsals.  Frangieh and Rafferty were able to attend the performances, and use them as a springboard for their continuing development of the piece.  Another workshop followed at Boston Theatre Company, with several Northeastern students and alumni participating, all in anticipation of the next step.

This week, the big moment has arrived, and Finish Line will have its official premiere at the Shubert Theatre on Tremont Street. Though the production retains much of the structure of its earlier incarnations (monologues and scenes taken directly from the interviewees’ words), this premiere features many familiar actors from the Boston theatre scene, as well as a fully-realized design.  As The Boston Globe‘s article notes, “The scenery will consist only of light bulbs — more than a thousand of them.”

Finish Line runs through March 26.  Tickets are available at  Read the Globe article here.