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For first timers, SXSW might be difficult to navigate. As we landed in Austin, we decided that we needed to tackle South-by, one of the largest festivals in the country, with a bulletproof plan. The following are the top three most important facets of SXSW that you need to know if you ever want to go.

Yes, you indeed need food to survive throughout life, and even at South-By. Here we’ve detailed some of the best on-the-go options, as well as some nicer sit-down options so you don’t faint in the Austin heat.

Two: the events.

What, did you think that when you went to SXSW it would just be people standing in some convention center? Guess again. South-By is a collection of many different panels, showcases, and meet-and-greets that you need to choose aligning with your interests. Here are some of the events that we went to.

Connections, connections, connections, it’s all about the connections. The best and brightest in the industry flock to Austin for SXSW, so break out the pen and paper, it’s time to interview some amazing people. Our choice? Northeastern alumnus Dave Barry, AS’06, who founded his business Moniker Guitars.