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Internationally acclaimed performance artist and activist Tim Miller came to Northeastern this semester for a week-long intensive. Working with Tim, 18 students devised Body Maps, an original performance drawn from their lives and identities. Here are some student reflections on the experience.


“Tim’s residency was one of the most memorable and meaningful experiences for me during my time at Northeastern. Body Maps opened my eyes to a whole new way of experiencing and creating theatre.” – Jillian Goeler ’15

“This residency with Tim Miller was an amazingly rewarding experience. It was the first time I had been exposed to devised work, and to be able to work under someone as seasoned and talented as Tim Miller was incredible.The work that we created was so honest and brave, the process of watching all of my counterparts discover their pieces encouraged me to find mine, and allowed  us grow closer to one another. I look forward to making more of my own work and supporting the causes that are close to my own heart.” – Jamez Anderson 18


“I ended up sharing and doing performance pieces based on parts of my personal life that only few people know. This helped me get a grasp on my personal history, and what it means to me. Sharing these secrets with the cast members and eventually the audience members was liberating.”  – Grant Terzakis ’16

“Working with Tim gave me the chance to really explore more about things myself and the things I’ve experienced about dealing with racism.” Kofi Agyen 16


“I’ll always look back on this week in awe that eighteen strangers sacrificed every night of a week to come together and expose the deepest secrets about themselves in the name of art.”  Angelica Recierdo ’16 

“It’s really incredible when you are able to create your own work and feel comfortable and safe while doing it. And also the bonds I made with the people involved, I will never forget. Sharing our discoveries and strength with the community was such a rewarding feeling. Body Maps changed me in a positive way that I’m not sure how to describe.” – Sara Hutchins ’15


In addition to Body Maps, Miller gave master classes and talks, and performed excerpts from his work in Sex/Body/Self in the Studio Theatre. His residency was supported by the Northeastern University Diverse Opportunities to Inform & Teach Grant, the Northeastern LGBTQ Resource Center, and the Bossak-Heilbron Charitable Foundation.