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Jackson Hyland-Lipski is a recent graduate from Northeastern University where he received a BA in Cinema Studies and Philosophy with a minor in Writing. For his co-op at Northeastern, Jackson had the opportunity to work as the Archival Assistant for What Happened, Miss Simone?, a Netflix original documentary about Nina Simone, which is currently nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Documentary Feature category. In this position, Jackson had the opportunity to extend his co-op to nine months, which allowed him to continue his research, obtain more archival materials, and help on sets in New York and Paris.

During the same co-op period, Jackson was also the Head of Development for Tangerine Entertainment, a production company focused on funding films directed and written by women. At Tangerine Entertainment, Jackson read and critiqued scripts, organized tasks and action points for interns and executives, and was a Production Assistant on one of the films produced by the company. Jackson found these on-set experiences to complement his focus on film theory and analysis at Northeastern, which he will continue to explore during the pursuit of other jobs in the industry.

“The co-op program at Northeastern,” Jackson explained, “gave me a head start in the industry by giving me hands-on experience before graduating. I have been offered many of my current jobs because of my experiences on co-op, as well as my education in film theory/analysis and philosophy.”

Since graduating in May 2015, has pursued several jobs in the film and television industries. Jackson has primarily worked as Executive Assistant / Assistant Producer for the Alive Inside Foundation, which uses music and empathy to bring memory and identity back to people with dementia. The foundation was formed from the Sundance Award winning documentary Alive Inside and Jackson is currently helping with the production of its sequel, Alive Inside 2.

Jackson is also an Executive Producer for a prospective television series titled City Rock, which he has been pitching to production companies and networks after a successful Kickstarter campaign in December 2015. Jackson has recently returned to New York City from the Hamptons, where he served as Production Coordinator of a new documentary, Killer Bees.

More examples of Jackson’s work can be found on his website.