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Spark, Northeastern’s Student-Run Contemporary Art Collective, recently launched a new online exhibition, ‘Spark* Self-Titled.’ Spark is dedicated to connecting Northeastern students with the Boston Art Community. In addition to student exhibitions Spark also hosts artist talks, paint nights, museum tours and recently created a podcast called, “What the Spark?”

For ‘Spark* Self-Titled’ artists were asked to think about what a metaphorical “spark” meant to them. The 3D exhibition created in Kunstmatrix, acts as a timeline of a formidable past merging into a sun-soaked future that is simultaneously near, yet impossibly distant. “Sparks are fury in response to injustice; sparks are signals of unrelenting hope in the darkest of places; sparks are joyous and bold. They are warm and comforting, but can only provide so much light and heat,” wrote Head Curator and incoming Executive Director Alex Eubanks. 

Head of Fundraising, Anna Geiger created “Into the Beyond” which explores the disparities in healthcare through a 3D abstract shooting spark flying into an ethereal landscape. Anna based her work on her own personal experiences growing up with chronic illness and seeing first-hand how medicine has evolved. “Not being in a program that focuses on art, it can be difficult to get opportunities to showcase work. It is fun to go through a creative process, reflect on the idea of a spark, apply it to my own life and communicate that in a very visual way,” concluded Anna. 

To view the Self Titled Exhibition please click here