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Department of Art + Design offers cool and notable courses. Take one this Spring! Learn more about the courses below at the end of this page.

ARTE 3901 ST: Modular Design
CRN: 37275
Instructor: Janos Stone
A hands-on, recongurable, customizable and modular product prototyping experience. Modular Design is a hands-on, design-to-prototype experience, that interweaves 3D technologies, 3D form theory with recongurable, customizable and modular design principles for ecient product and environmental design. We will combine our inherent understanding of the physical world with research into the use of 3D technology/theory, appropriation and customization to create powerful tools for modular design. We will explore contemporary ornamentation, 3D scanning/photogrammetry and traditional tools in order to create new ways to think about modular design. We will build functional product prototypes and environments. We will create these products and environments using form inspired by the physical world, to allow our designs to speak directly to the inherent, fundamental aspects of our shared humanity. We will use iteration and group discussion to rene our product development and process. We will study recongurable, customizable and modular design processes in order to create; interactive and multi-function products and spaces, reduce design time and cost, leverage economies of scale, utilize mass produced (factory) production, be conscious of recycling and material conservation. Sophomore standing or above Instructor’s permission is required for the course. Interested students, please email instructor prior to registration.

ARTD 3485 Video Art
CRN:  37278
Instructor: Julia Hechtman
Stan Brakhage, Moonlight, 1983

Constitutes an advanced video production and analysis course. Emphasizes the development of personal vision and building a working knowledge of contemporary video art techniques. Offers students an opportunity to expand conceptual ideas and visual language skills by interrogating concepts of time, movement, light, and space within their working process. Visual research and discussion supplement the studio work. Prereq. (a) ARTD 2380 or MSCR 1230 and (b) sophomore standing or above.  

ARTE 5901 StoryLab – Designing the Future of Magazine Journalism with Esquire Magazine
CRN: 37273
Instructor: David J. Tames

Screenshot 2015-12-09 17.54.17StoryLab brings together designers, developers, and journalists to work with Esquire Magazine editorial staff in reimagining an Esquire story for the digital age. The curriculum will be organized around an in-depth existing Esquire feature with an emphasis on creativity and experimentation in the use of interactive media, data visualization, and new forms of narrative presentation. Esquire staffers will be present as guest lecturers and active collaborators. This course is open to both graduate students and undergraduate juniors and seniors. View a brief video trailer about the course or read a blog post about the concept.

ARTE 4901 Book Design
CRN: 37274
Instructor: Ernesto Aparicio

Screenshot 2015-12-01 12.23.57This course will cover all aspects of designing comprehensive art and photographic books. We will be editing images and examining the use of type, grids, scale, and pacing in the overall layout. Particular attention will be paid to certain elements of design production, including the visual, tactile, and aesthetic qualities of paper, printing, binding, color separation, and advanced techniques in reproduction, namely duotone and tritone in black and white photography.In the first part of the semester students will design the layout and the corresponding dust jacket for a photographic book. The material will include a number of original black and white photographs from one of the very well known French photographers. In the second part of the semester, students will be given the choice between designing a book based on their own interests or completing a book design project using assigned material.

ARTS 2330 Sculpture Basics
CRN: 37349
Instructor: Ed Andrews
image001.jpgOffers a studio course with an in-depth exploration into the process of creating sculpture. Builds on the introductory experience of ARTF 1124, with more advanced 3D concepts, materials, tools, and techniques. Emphasizes personal exploration, concept development, and creative innovation. Exposes students to sculpture through lectures, demonstrations, critiques, and hands-on assignments. Prereq. (a) ARTF 1124 or permission of instructor and (b) sophomore standing or above.

Art + Design Courses with availability

ARTD 3460 Photography 1 | CRN: 37268
ARTD 3480 Video: Sound and Image | CRN: 30003
ARTD 3485 Video Art | CRN: 37278
ARTD 4565 Photography 2 | CRN: 37347
ARTD 4661 Alternative Photo Processes | CRN: 35749

ARTE 3901 ST: Modular Design | CRN: 37275
ARTE 5901 StoryLab – Designing with Esquire Magazine | CRN: 37273

ARTF 1120 Observational Drawing | CRN: 30980
ARTF 1121 Conceptual Drawing | CRN: 30099
ARTF 1122 2D Fundtls: Surface/Drawing | CRN: 34659
ARTF 1122 2D Fundtls: Surface/Drawing | CRN: 37860
ARTG 2252 Graphic Design 1 | CRN: 37570
ARTG 2400 Interaction Design 1: Responsive | CRN: 37568
ARTG 2401 Interaction Design Tools | CRN: 37569
ARTG 3450 Graphic Design 2 | CRN: 37563
ARTG 3462 Experience Design 1 | CRN: 37286
ARTG 4552 Information Design 2 | CRN: 37335

ARTH 1100 Interactive Media and Society | CRN: 37697

ARTS 2330 Sculpture Basics | CRN: 37349
ARTS 3449 Drawing in Mixed Media | CRN: 31853