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Are you curious to learn more about your CAMD classmates? We asked incoming freshman to share a selfie, self-portrait, or anything that represents them – a photo, an illustration, a video, a playlist, a piece of writing, or other piece of media they’ve created – and then answer a few questions about themselves to help introduce them to the CAMD community.


Zeina Alkhaja


Janabiyah, Bahrain



What are you most looking forward to about Northeastern?

I’m so excited to be on a city campus, and actually learn more about architecture in an atmosphere that allows me to grow. Also, I really want to see how fast I’ll be able to adapt to the roads and buildings of Boston.

Getting to know my classmates and everyone around me is super important; I want the full Boston experience! From vegan restaurants (currently attempting to go vegan) to Red Sox games!

What are you most looking forward to about Boston?

I’m so excited to see the different genres of buildings and architecture; I want to find every artsy nook and cranny of the city and its quirky nature as an undergraduate… I mostly want to be able to call it my own.