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Elderly Autonomy, Miso Kim

A service design project exploring the home care needs of the elderly in assisted living who are chronically ill, with a focus on their sense of autonomy.

Second Chance, Miso Kim

A service design project for a degree attainment program with a focus on supporting the incarcerated individuals’ sense of dignity and autonomy.

Service Learning Fellowship, 2017-18 (CATLR/S-L), David Tamés

Redesign of ARTD2380 Video Basics to include a Service-Learning Final Project in which students produce a micro-documentary in collaboration with a community partner.

Blast Theory Residency, Celia Pearce

Two month residency with Blast Theory pervasive media studio, Brighton UK. –

IndieCade Festivals & Showcases, Celia Pearce

Co-organizing and curating international festival of independent games and showcases. –