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Landscape Architecture, BLA

Northeastern University offers a BLA in Urban Landscape. This major reflects a growing public interest in making our cities more sustainable, and in bringing the insights of landscape architects to join those of urban designers and architects. 

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Northeastern University offers a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture in Urban Landscape. This major reflects a growing public interest in making our cities more sustainable and in bringing the insights of landscape architects to join those of urban designers and architects. This hybrid field has deep roots in design, ecology, planning, and aesthetics. In the past 15 years, it has come to play an evermore important role in the design of new places, as well as the retrofitting of our older, postindustrial landscapes. An inherently interdisciplinary program, urban landscape will involve collaborations with other academic units on campus.

As part of their studies, students are enrolled in two six-month co-ops. This allows students to gain real-world experience in architecture that aids them in both their academic development and in professional advancement.   Students in the BLA in Landscape Architecture program spend a semester on study abroad in Dublin, Ireland


Students who graduate from Northeastern University with a degree in architecture, architectural studies or landscape architecture will have:

• Thorough 2D and 3D representation and modelling skills for deciphering and designing the built environment.

• Awareness of how global socio-cultural contexts influence the built environment, and how the built environment influences global communities.

• Thorough knowledge of sustainable and resilient design goals, strategies, and methods.

• Skills of communication and collaboration necessary for managing complex projects.

• Understanding of fundamental construction systems and techniques that shape the built environment.

• Critical ability to analyze and decipher complex environments.

• Exposure to the diverse range of professional opportunities and avenues for design of the built environment.

• Understanding of ethical responsibilities for designing the built environment.

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Interests of Landscape Architecture, BLA Students

  • architecture
  • cities
  • climate
  • community
  • design
  • energy
  • environment
  • infrastructure
  • landscape
  • nature
  • parks
  • planning
  • Resilience
  • resilience/sustainability
  • social justice
  • spaces
  • sustainability
  • urban
  • water

Co-op Opportunities

  • Sasaki
    Watertown, MA
  • Reed Hilderbrand
    Cambridge, MA
  • Mass Design
    Boston, MA
  • SCAPE Studios
    New York, NY
  • Design Trust for Public Space
    New York, NY
  • The Center for Urban Pedagogy
    Brooklyn, NY
  • Design Studio for Social Intervention
    Brooklyn, NY
  • The Cultural Landscape Foundation
    DC, US
  • Boston Harbor Association
    Boston, MA
  • Massport
    Boston, MA
  • Topotek 1
    Boston, MA
  • Civic Moxie
    Brookline, MA
  • Hargreaves Associates
    Cambridge, MA
  • Mikyoung Kim Design
    Boston, MA
  • Studio 2112 Landscape Architecture
    Boston, MA
  • Stephen Stimson Associates
    Cambridge, MA
  • Tom Leader Studio
    Berkeley, CA
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Career Opportunities

  • Multidisciplinary Skills
    • AutoCAD
    • Redit
    • Rhino
    • InDesign
    • 3D printing
    • Design
    • Computer literacy
  • Careers of Tomorrow
    • Landscape architect

Landscape Architecture, BLA Requirements

Cooperative Education (Urban landscape majors are required to complete two six-month co-ops.)

Major GPA Requirement

Minimum 2.500 GPA required

Major Credit Requirement

Complete 117 semester hours for the major.

Program Requirement

145 total semester hours required

*For complete program course listing, visit the University course catalog.

Resources for Current Students

Course Catalog

Visit the Registrar website for a course catalog and information on university core requirements.

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Program Coordinators:

Nicholas Brown

Associate Teaching Professor, Program Coordinator of Urban Landscape

[email protected]


Kate Zephir

Administrative Assistant

[email protected]

Academic Advisors:

Jocelyn Faber

Academic Advisor

[email protected]

Valerie Falasca, M.Ed

Academic Advisor

[email protected]

Co-op Advisors:

Lynn Burke

Senior Co-op Coordinator for Architecture

[email protected]

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