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 Media and Screen Studies, BA

The Media and Screen Studies Program offers a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Screen Studies along with multiple combined majors. Our Media and Screen Studies curriculum designed to achieve six distinct learning objectives.

  • Academics
  • Experiences
  • Interests

The Bachelor of Arts in Media and Screen Studies offers courses in analysis and practice. Required courses offer students an opportunity to obtain the critical-thinking skills necessary to better understand media content, media technology, and media production. Students then decide how many production and analysis courses they want to take. Choosing from a broad range of electives, students can take more than half their major in media and film production courses, can take a majority of courses that critically examine media content and technology, or can combine courses in other ways.

Our Media and Screen Studies curriculum designed to achieve six distinct learning objectives:

1. Apply basic knowledge of fundamental techniques of video-based film production in a visual project
2. Define terms, concepts, and theories that are fundamental to the study of media
3. Apply analytical and critical thinking skills to media texts
4. Apply the history of media studies to current issues of media with a particular focus on identity, industry, and democracy
5. Plan, write, and present original research papers and presentations, incorporating an analytical understanding of concepts and ideas in Media and Screen Studies
6. Apply theories of media and culture central to the field of Media and Screen Studies to a media text or issue

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Interests of  Media and Screen Studies, BA Students

  • advertising
  • audience
  • critical studies
  • cultural studies
  • digital media
  • discourse
  • entertainment
  • film
  • global
  • globalization
  • image
  • Internet
  • journalism
  • media
  • media studies
  • production
  • television

Co-op Opportunities

  • Walt Disney World
    Orlando, FL
  • Viacom
    New York, NY
  • The Chew Productions
    New York, NY
  • NBC Universal Television
    New York, NY
  • The Martha Stewart Show
    New York, NY
  • National Geographic Learning
    New York, NY
  • BMF Media Group
    New York, NY
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Career Opportunities

  • Multidisciplinary Skills
    • ability to work under pressure
    • commercial and cultural awareness of media and creative industries
    • creative problem-solving skills
    • critical thinking
    • listening
    • performance and presentation skills
    • project management skills
    • leadership skills
    • verbal and written communication skills
  • Careers of Tomorrow
    • account executive
    • broadcast journalist
    • creative director
    • information officer
    • market researcher
    • media planner
    • media producer
    • multimedia specialist
    • public relations specialist
    • social media manager
    • web content manager
    • writer

 Media and Screen Studies, BA Requirements

BA Language Requirements

Foundation Course (Production or Theory)

Diversity or Globalization Course

Capstone (Production or Theory)

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Resources for Current Students

Course Catalog

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Department Chair:

Dale Herbeck

Department Chair, Professor

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Angela Chin

Administrative Officer

[email protected]

Alexandra Kilgore

Administrative Officer

[email protected]

Academic Advisors:

Jocelyn Faber

Academic Advisor

[email protected]

Helena Prezio

Assistant Director of Advising

[email protected]

Maegan Bishoff

Academic Advisor

[email protected]

Co-op Advisors:

Bill Jackson

Co-op Faculty Coordinator

[email protected]

Jacqui Sweeney

Co-op Faculty Coordinator

[email protected]

Emily Hornsby

Assistant Co-op Coordinator

[email protected]

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