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Art, BA

A studio-based fine art program that offers a broad and deep exploration of what it means to be culturally aware, skilled, and productive, the Bachelor of Arts in Art balances studio courses in drawing/painting and digital media with art history and visual studies.

Students’ education, experience, and training in understanding cultural practices take full advantage of the remarkable scope of the College of Arts, Media and Design. The focus of obtaining a well-rounded liberal arts education, within a broad study of the arts and humanities, is complemented by the study of a language and its cultural context and knowledge in the natural, physical, and social sciences. Some courses in this program are offered in Ireland, a cultural treasure-house amid natural splendor, where students may have an intensive and immersive experience. There students make art in their own studios in an art school equipped with all the tools and resources an artist requires. Select courses at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (SMFA), adjacent to the Northeastern campus, permit students to discover new talents and interests. Most important, ample elective choices include study-abroad programs and span the complete range of offerings of our college.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Use art and design theory and history to analyze, frame, and critique creative works across a range of times, cultures, and media.
  2. Gather information and apply modes of inquiry based in the humanities, sciences, social sciences and visual arts to analyze and produce creative work.
  3. Demonstrate competency in visual, spatial, and/or time-based media through the production of creative works.
  4. Demonstrate collaborative learning skills through group discussion and critique.
  5. Discuss creative works in light of their social and ethical implications.
  6. Create visual artworks that express ideas and demonstrate an individual vision and voice.
  7. Describe, analyze, and evaluate how the student’s studio-based creative practice has evolved over time.

Career Opportunities


Arts Writer


Cultural Entrepreneur


Publishing in professional journals

Multidisciplinary Skills

Concept Development

3D Printing



Time Management

Project Management

Co-Op Opportunities

Gallery 360

Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Institute of Contemporary Art Boston


Additional resources

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