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Art, Minor

The Art minor allows students to complement any degree with a broad exploration of visual studies, fine arts, and design.

Following an introduction to the fundamentals of drawing and two-dimensional design, students select from courses in time-based media, interaction, sculpture, painting, and art history. The department’s exceptional Dialogues are popular among art minors, who are able to complete a large portion of their coursework during culturally immersive and focused studio residencies in places such as Ireland, Iceland, Cuba, and the Galapagos Islands.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Use art and design theory and history to analyze, frame, and critique creative works across a range of times, cultures, and media.
  2. Gather information and apply modes of inquiry based in the humanities, sciences, social sciences and visual arts to analyze and produce creative work.
  3. Demonstrate competency in visual, spatial, and/or time-based media through the production of creative works.
  4. Demonstrate collaborative learning skills through group discussion and critique.
  5. Discuss creative works in light of their social and ethical implications.
  6. Create visual artworks that express ideas and demonstrate an individual vision and voice.
  7. Describe, analyze, and evaluate how the student’s studio-based creative practice has evolved over time.a



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